Dragon nikana build warframe download

Nikana prime set buy and sell orders warframe market. S you can replace fury with any other mod like buzz kill for more slash but will require 1 forma, true steel for more. My question is, how well will this build hold over into end game. This weapon is the first of its kind to have an enhancement prefix of dragon though a tenno weapon, dragon is the second prefix, with dex being the first, that doesnt follow the normal upgrade path, becoming primes. Nikana prime blade buy and sell orders warframe market. Not to be confused with a weapon with the same name, nikana. Nikana prime blueprint buy and sell orders warframe market. Possibly due in part to the fact that neither are constructed with orokin technology. The dragon nikana is forged from ancient tenno steel.

Warframe nikana prime critical build with 1 forma weapons of. Dragon nikana for a riven build, zaws for exodia trigggers as long as you. Dragon nikana by opcry, last updated on jul 8, 2019. Although essentially identical to swords, all nikanas possess their own sheathes for their blades. Ive done pretty well with the nikana but when i upgraded it to the dragon nikana my slash damage took a serious hit. Download video copy video url copy embed code report issue powered by. Warframe weapon builds my dragon nikana build youtube. The dragon nikana is a powerful katana of tenno design, acting as a direct.

Dragon nikana build players helping players warframe. Nikana prime and skiajati build guide and comparison. Warframe dragon nikana warframe dragon nikana builds. About the video nikana prime build, as requested by one of my sub. This is a masters weapon, only the most worthy of tenno may wield it. User builds for instructions on creating a page for a build.

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