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I was going to watch the england v germany football match at euro 2000, four. In 2004, layer cake was adapted into a feature film directed by matthew vaughn. The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 344 pages and is available in paperback format. Connolly wrote the screenplay for the film, and wanted to portray the character lucky in the film. The characters stand out and make you visualise who you would expect to play them on the big screen. Jj connolly, the author of the cult novel layer cake, opts instead for the bar of the sanderson hotel, home to it girls, lounge lizards and some. However, there are still many people who then dont later than reading. Layer cake is amazing, really gets you involved and its high paced. Preparing the layer cake jj connolly to entry every hours of daylight is usual for many people. Connollys first published work was a short story in the brit pulp.

But, behind you can hold others to start reading, it will be better. His first novel, layer cake, was first published in 2000 by duckworth press. Free download or read online layer cake pdf epub book. Connolly, first published in 2000 by duckworth press. Its a book that makes you want to turn over the page but at the same time you dont want it to end. It was made into a motion picture in 2004 also called. Our narrators too smart to tell you his name if i did, youd be as. One of the books that can be layer cake jj connolly. Layer cake a metaphor for the many murky levels of the criminal underworld is set in modern day london and features a smooth talking, sophisticated but.

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